16.05.2016 - 20.05.2016
The European BEE course - 2016

Are you interested in European bees? Join our Super-B training school in Marseille, France in May!


We aim (i) to provide a global overview on the Systematics and the Ecology of European bees including the up-to-date methods; (ii) to train to recognize the morphology of the main European genera by using keys; (iii) to collect wild bees in the field with standard technics (net, pan trap, aspirator); (iv) to prepare a collection of pinned specimens.

THE BEE COURSE is designed primarily for botanists, conservation biologists, pollination ecologists, and other biologists whose research, training, or teaching responsibilities require a greater understanding of bee taxonomy. It emphasizes the classification and identification of more than seventy bee genera of Europe, and the general information provided is applicable to the global bee fauna. Lectures include background information on the biology of bees, their floral relationships, their importance in maintaining and/or improving floral diversity, inventory strategies, and the significance of oligolecty (i.e., taxonomic floral specialization). Field trips acquaint participants with collecting and sampling techniques; associated lab work provides instruction on specimen identification, preparation and labeling.


France, Marseilles, in the beautiful site of the national parc of the Calanques: http://sciences.univ-amu.fr/sites-geographiques/site-luminy


Super-B budget covers the invitation of the trainers and material. Applicants have to pay for their flights, accommodation (130 euros) and meals (60 euros).  A Super-B Grant of 600 EUR is available, this covers all expenses for the course and approximately 300 EUR for a flight.


Arrival the evening of the 16th of May after 6pm, departure the evening of the 20th of May.


Co-organised by the University of Mons (Denis Michez) and the University of Aix Marseilles (Benoît Geslin).

5 supervisors: Denis Michez (UMons, Belgium), Nicolas Vereecken (ULB, Belgium), Murat Aytekin (Hacettepe University, Turkey), Stuart Roberts (BWARS, UK) et Benoît Geslin (Université d’Aix-Marseille, France)

15 students, Ph-D, postdoc in relevant fields will have priority but undergraduate student can apply.

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If there are any more questions regarding this training school, please contact Denis Michez (denis.michez@umons.ac.be)

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Denis Michez