Report from Rome - the first Super-B meeting

The first Super-B meeting was held in Rome on the 4th and 5th November. As you can see, we met in a beautiful Roman palace, now the home of the FAI, Fedreazione Apicoltori Italiani. 65 scientists attended from more than 31 countries, mostly in Europe, but including Kenya, New Zealand and the USA.


On the first day, the Dissemination Working Group made plans for our initial policy workshop. This will identify opportunities for evidence and guidance from SuperB to feed into policies being developed at European level between 2015 and 2018. The workshop is set for Tuesday 3 March 2015.


At the Management Committee meeting we learned that 31 countries are now represented in the network.


On the second day, Working Groups met to develop work programmes on: the value of pollination, delivering pollination services, mitigating pollination loss and understanding drivers of pollination change. Some exciting workshops, activities and short term visits are planned, including an effort to develop standard monitoring protocols for pollinators and pollination, and a focus on data sharing and access.



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