03.03.2015 - 03.03.2015
Super-B Workshop, Brussels: Policies for Sustainable Pollination in Europe

The workshop brings together scientists working on pollinators and pollination with officials from Government or European Departments working on evidence or policy development in one of the following areas: agriculture, pesticides, livestock trade, honey bee health, human health & nutrition and biodiversity and ecosystem services. The purpose is to inform the activity of the Super-B dissemination working group over the forthcoming three years. We will be promoting and disseminating Super-B research, and building partnerships between researchers, businesses and policy makers. This workshop will help to focus our effort where it is likely to be most useful.

Location: COST office, Avenue Louise 149, Marie Curie Boardroom, Brussels, Belgium

Date: 3 March 2015

Objectives of the workshop:

1.       To identify forthcoming policy opportunities at European level in the period 2015-2019 to support sustainable pollination services in urban and rural environments.

2.       To anticipate the evidence needs of those policy opportunities, providing timelines.

3.       To shape the ideal format for presenting or developing relevant scientific evidence.

 The outputs from the workshop:

·         A short report or briefing note from the workshop will be published on the Super-B website and disseminated to the Super-B network.

·         The findings will be used to shape forthcoming plans for dissemination of existing research and proposals for new research.

The participants:

The participants will be 10-15 key policy officials from the European Commission (DG Environment, DG Agri, DG Research and DG SANCO) and a range of Member State Governments, along with 10 scientists from across Europe, including the Co-Chair and a number of Lead Authors of the forthcoming Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) Pollinators Assessment (http://www.ipbes.net/work-programme/objective-3/45-work-programme/458-deliverable-3a.html).




Contact information:
Lynn Dicks