04.11.2014 - 05.11.2014
SUPER-B Meetings Rome, Italy, 4 & 5 November 2014

The Super-B meetings are hosted by Raffaele Cirone, president of FAI (Federazione Apicoltori Italiani). Both the Super-B MC meeting (MC's only) and the Working Group sessions will take place in the FAI building, Via Vittorio Emanuele II no 101, in the heart of Rome, very near the Piazza Navona.

The MC meeting will take place on November 4, 12.00-17.30h, lunch included. Participation is free.

The 3 parallel Working Group sessions (1+ 2, 3, 4) will take place on November 5, 9.00-16.30h, followed by a plenary session until 17.30h. Breaks and lunch included, drinks afterwards. Participation is free.

On november 6 & 7, Super-B members can choose to participate in the Apimondia ApiEcoFlora conference facilitated by the University of Tor Vergata. The venue (the Department of Biology) is located at a comfortable, 50 minute public transport ride from the city centre. There is a fee for participating in this conference, click here to read more.

Those who wish to attend the Super-B meetings (MC meeting, WG session and plenary discussion or both) can apply for participation by mailing us at super-b@naturalis.nl.

We need to know your name, country, gender, year of receiving PhD, email address, if you're an MC member or not, an indication what an economy class return ticket to Rome would cost for you, and please attach a small CV or a link to a website with your resume on it.

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone has to apply for participation. THE DEADLINE FOR APPLYING IS 22 SEPTEMBER!

Only MC members can attend the MC meeting. The WG sessions and the plenary discussion are open to all. Participants have to choose which WG session they wish to attend. You can only participate in 1 WG session, no switching during breaks.

Each WG meeting can be attended by a maximum of 25 people.

If you wish to participate in the Super-B meetings, you have to be registered in e-cost. If you're not registered already, please do so via this website.

We can reimburse up to 85 people (MC's included). If interest exceeds this number, we will have to make a selection. This selection will be made by the chair and vice-chair, based on gender, early stage scientist or not, and balance between countries.

On 30 September, we will let everyone know if they can participate in the meetings, what can be reimbursed and how to proceed.


Reimbursements for travel depend on your country of origin. We only reimburse economy class from your country to Rome. This travel grant is only official after we agree with the indication of the price of your economy class ticket.

Hotel: everybody who participates will receive an accommodation grant, flat rate 120 euro per night. Please note: if your hotel is cheaper, you can use the rest to pay the conference fee.

You may decide yourself which hotel you want to stay. More information on hotels in our next email, September 15.

For days at which no dinner or lunch is included, you receive 20 euro per meal. So on 4 and 5 November that is only dinner (because lunch is included), but for the conference we reimburse lunch and dinner. Please note: if your lunch and dinner are cheaper, you can use the rest to pay the conference fee.

Participating in the conference: we can reimburse up to 30 people (keynotes included), for a maximum of 3 nights plus meals.


Contact information:
Dr Olga Crapels